Accredited to ISO 9001:2008

We are engaged in the production of Non-Ferrous Gravity Die-Casting and Pressure Die-Casting mainly of Aluminum, Copper and Zinc based alloys.

We also manufacture Ferrous and Non- Ferrous Forgings and CNC based machined components as well as various sub- assemblies as per clients’ demand.

We’ve been profoundly engaged in the manufacturing of components for Arms and Ammunition and various sub-assemblies for the Indian Defence Factories, Ministry of Defence Govt. of India.

List of products manufactured by us:
Aluminum Bronze Nut: For Aluminum Smelter Plant

Assembly Components:

1) Fin Assembly for 125 mm HE shell

2) Stabilizer Assembly for 73 mm HEAT shell

3) Stabilizer Assembly for 125 mm HEAT shell


1) 40mm PFFC shell

2) 30mm HE/T shell

3) 30mm APT shell

4) 30mm HE shell

5) 30mm shell

6) Component for 81mm Mortar


Forged components:

1) 105mm RCL Ogive Body

2) Copper Funnel for 125mm HEAT Cone Funnel Assembly

3) PRF for 76.2mm ammunition

4) Front part for 81mm forged shell

5) Rear part for 81mm forged shell

6) Stabilizer body for 125mm HEAT

7)FIN body for 125mm HE

Components for Different Fuze:

1) Aluminum Forged Body for Fuze DA5A, 64C & Tail Unit

2) Components & Assembly for Fuze Mine Combination (FMC), PRF for 30mm Shell & MTP Components

3) Assembly for Fuze DA5A
4) Assembly for Fuze 162MK8
5) Brass Forged Body for Fuze 117

Components for Shells & Fuzes:

1) Fuze Component

2) Brass Magazine

3) Ballistic Cap for 30mm AP/T Shell

4) Primer 18 A Magazine


Aluminum Casting & Forging Components:

1) 84mm TPT Projectile for anti- tank

2) Alloy Aluminum Casting Body for 84mm TPT Projectile

3) Forged distance tube for 84mm TPT Projectile
4) Nose for 84mm TPT Projectile

Shell Body, Union Ring & Cap for 40mm PFFC Ammunition

Forged Clamps for Naval

Forged Pressure Insert for Power Grid

Forged Components for Small Arms (Rocket Launcher & Rifle)

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