Accredited to ISO 9001:2008

S.S. Enterprise relies on its owned technology and machineries for the manufacturing of Defence components for Ordnance Factories, components for Power Sector as well as for Engineering Industry.

We have got one of the most refined in- house manufacturing facilities, having updated Hi-Tech CNC machines, Drilling machines, Milling machines, Lathes, Grinders of different varieties which helps in attaining Customer Satisfaction. S.S. Enterprise manufacturing facility employs both older generation whose knowledge, combined with the skills of the younger members of the team, blends experience with an understanding of today’s technology.

Manufacturing Facility
Our manufacturing facility consists of following department:
  • Casting: We specializes in Gravity and Pressure Die-Casting operation therefore, equipped with modern machineries & facilities for aluminum, copper and zinc base alloys casting up to 10 Kgs (quantity can vary as per requirements).

  • Screw Press Forging & Hammers: We have different capacities of Frictional Screw Press Forging and Hammers which facilitates us in manufacturing Ferrous Forging of up to 20 Kgs and Non-Ferrous Forgings of up to10 Kgs.

  • Deep Drawing Facilities: With the help of different capacity of Hydraulic Presses up to 300 Tons, we are making precision Deep Drawing components both for Ferrous & Non-Ferrous material

  • Heat Treatment Plant: We have different capacities of Electric Furnaces(Pit type & Muffle type) as well as Air Circulated Furnaces fitted with Auto-Digital Controller attached with Time and Temperature Graph Recorder with facilities for Oil Quenching and Solution Quenching Vats suitable for Alloy Steel and Non-Ferrous materials (Mainly Alloy Aluminum, Copper and Brass). The maximum working range of temperature attains to 1350oC

  • High Precision Machining Job on CNC Machines: Our machining facility is equipped with updated FANUC systems CNC Turning and Machining Centers and various other precision machineries to cater to the needs of the customers to buy entirely finished components.

  • Surface Treatment Plant: We are having in-house arrangements for Phosphating (Steel components)/ Passivation /Varnishing/Painting etc. We also have arrangements for Anodizing of Aluminum components

In addition, latest and updated techniques of CAD-CAM, Statistical Process Control (SPC) has been employed to develop new components and designs as per customer requirements and their total satisfaction.

Inspection & Quality Control Facility

A constant effort is made to generate an environment of quality awareness from the commencement to the conclusion of our manufacturing practice. Our inspection and quality control system are outfitted with the latest expertise and proficient workforce which assures that the manufactured products are of international standards and as per customer needs. It consists:

  • Amenities for testing mechanical properties of metal as well as metallograpgy of the components

  • Metallurgical & analytical test facility with Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

  • Well equipped gauge room for critical assessment and dimensional conformity

  • Non destructive test facility

  • Calibration of Instruments made through National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)

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